About Eric

This artist grew up with still-life art drawing instruction. Creativity is in his blood with parents who are into painting, photography, stain glass and wood-working. He became a videographer and enjoyed helping non-profit organizations develop promotional videos.

...produce images 

that make you say...


What helped him learn how to capture images?


Developing an eye for video was a great help along with his loving wife's advice of what looks appealing. Both were very beneficial in taking still photography. Inspiration came from a French landscape photographer in Paris, France, Serge Ramelli.  While staying near Jerusalem, Israel, he went out early one morning to capture a sunrise landscape of the Mountains of Jordan. From that moment, he was captured by the colors that filled the sky.

This artist has an appreciation for other cultures and their history. Much of the

motivation is to bring out the beauty in each and produce images

that make you say WOW!